Tune In for the 13th Annual SXSW Pitch Competition

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The 13th annual SXSW Pitch kicks off tomorrow, March 17, as part of the SXSW Online digital experience.

This year’s two-day event features 40 of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology companies from eight categories virtually pitching and participating in a 5-minute Q&A with three judges.

Both days will be hosted by Mandela SH Dixon, CEO, and Paige Hendrix Buckner, COO, of Founder Gym, the leading online training program helping underrepresented founders build successful businesses.

Wednesday, March 17 | Pitch Schedule

Starting tomorrow at 10am CT, 20 companies will pitch in the following categories:

10:00am-10:55am | Smart Cities, Transportation & Logistics

11:00am-11:55am | Social & Culture

12:00pm-12:55pm | Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Voice

2:00pm- 2:55pm | Innovative World

Thursday, March 18 | Pitch Schedule

The competition continues on Thursday, March 18, starting again at 10am CT. The remaining 20 companies will pitch from the following categories:

10:00am-10:55am | Future of Work

11:00am-11:55am | Enterprise and Smart Data

12:00pm-12:55pm | Entertainment, Gaming and Content

2:00pm- 2:55pm | Health, Wearables & Wellbeing

Saturday, March 20 | Awards Ceremony

The winner of each category will be announced at the SXSW Pitch Award Ceremony on Saturday, March 20, at 3pm CT. Joining Dixon as co-host of the ceremony will be Andrew Hyde, Founder of Startup Weekend and Glider.

Click here to attend SXSW Pitch. We hope to see you there!

By Hailey Hess