2018 SXSW Speaker Expectations

Thank you for being part of our speaker lineup for the 2018 SXSW Conference (“Event”). In order to maintain high quality content, please read the following speaker expectations below. This is to help ensure a positive experience for both you, the speaker, and our attendees.


Our goal is to be able to share your presentation with the SXSW community, which we believe will enhance the overall SXSW experience. To that end, SXSW would like to record and use the audio, audio/visual or visual-only recordings (“Recordings”) from your assigned SXSW Conference session (“Session”) on www.sxsw.com and the SXSW social media channels. Please visit SXSW’s YouTube and Soundcloud pages for examples of how SXSW uses Recordings.

In order for SXSW to be able to use the Recordings, we ask that you sign our speaker release (“Release”) provided by SXSW, which grants SXSW a non-exclusive license to publicize its speakers involvement with the Event, the Recordings and the materials contained within those recordings. We also want to confirm you are the original author of your works; and if not, that you have the necessary third-party consents and permissions. Please note that nothing in the Release allows SXSW to own the copyright to the recordings or own any of the materials used in your presentation.


All speakers are expected to communicate and collaborate with other speakers participating in their Session, if there are others. If a Speaker does not have the appropriate time and energy to devote to their Session, the Speaker will notify SXSW as soon as possible, to give SXSW the opportunity to find another speaker. All Sessions adhere to a very precise schedule and time limit.


  • SXSW only allows speakers to participate in one SXSW Session during the Event, except in limited circumstances.
  • Speakers understand that non-SXSW events may be scheduled around Austin during SXSW. To maintain the value of the SXSW registration badge, all such invitations must be cleared with SXSW before accepting. Additionally, speakers shall not host or organize a public event in Austin, Texas from March 9-18, 2018, without first clearing that event with SXSW.


  • In exchange for my participation in SXSW, I will receive one (1) Platinum Badge.
  • I am expected to conduct myself professionally in connection with my Session and in accordance with the SXSW Code of Conduct available here: https://www.sxsw.com/attend/code-of-conduct/.
  • I acknowledge and agree that SXSW reserves the right to remove speakers from SXSW (before or during the Event) if a speaker’s actions and/or conduct are deemed inappropriate, disorderly, or offensive by SXSW.
  • SXSW will place the Session in an appropriate venue, and reserves the right to make changes to dates, times, and locations of the Session as necessary to carry-out the SXSW Event.


I understand and agree to the following:

  • My Session is for sharing information only and not for marketing. I will not sell sponsorships or other marketing packages for my Session and I will not use my Session to promote brands or services.
  • SXSW promotes all sessions and does not use an RSVP service for admission to any sessions unless otherwise specified. I agree that I will not use an RSVP service to promote my Session.
  • While SXSW will use its best efforts to promote my Session, SXSW cannot guarantee a minimum number of attendees to my Session.


All Speakers must upload a bio (“Bio”) and headshot (“Headshot”) to SXSW Social; so they will appear, in whole or in part, with their respective Session listing in the online schedule, and in SXSW materials promoting the Session and SXSW.

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