Climate & Social Action

March 13-18

Convergence Track

The Climate & Social Action Track highlights innovations that create a positive social impact and contribute to environmentally sustainable systems. Individuals and organizations focused on the betterment of humanity will share knowledge on achieving a more equitable world.

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2019 Session, Tikkun Olam: How Faith Informs Social Justice - Photo by Debra Reyes

2019 Session, Tikkun Olam: How Faith Informs Social Justice - Photo by Debra Reyes

About the Climate & Social Action Track


With updated studies putting climate change front and center in the global conversation, leaders, and scientists from a variety of groups will cover their challenges and successes in trying to effect lasting environmental change during the Climate & Social Action Track. Hear how the change-makers of today are shaping the society of tomorrow.

Take a look at SXSW 2020 Climate & Social Action sessions like Ocean Solutions to the Climate Crisis, Protest in the Age of Surveillance, The US/Mexico Border and the Food System, and more.

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Ocean Solutions to the Climate Crisis

The ocean is on the front lines of climate change. It’s absorbed about 90% of the extra heat created by climate change and 30% of CO2 emissions. It plays a key role in making sure our climate is stable. And while it too faces threats from climate change, it also provides solutions to climate change. If we can restore vital ocean ecosystems that safely store CO2, if we can smartly use our ocean spaces for renewable energy development, and if we limit the amount of stress we put on the ocean through pollution and unsustainable ocean activities; then we can help a healthy ocean to limit climate change even more than it already has. We’re going to need all pieces of the puzzle to limit climate change, and protecting our ocean is one of those pieces that will also help wildlife and communities.

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Protest in the Age of Surveillance

For protesters all around the world, technology is an important tool to communicate and mobilize. For repressive regimes, innovative technology provide new means to surveil protesters and dissidents. In Hong Kong, where just recently protests against China’s influence gained global attention, the Hong Kong government is upgrading its surveillance technology while impeding protesters from utilizing existing communication tools. But students and protestors are fighting back, using cash to buy transit tickets and burner SIM cards to coordinate privately. Join the Human Rights Foundation for a conversation with Denise Ho, singer-songwriter and pro-democracy activist; Johnson Yeung, human rights activist; and Mary Hui, Quartz journalist, to discuss combating government surveillance in protests.

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2020 Speaker Highlights

Joi Chevalier - SXSW 2020 Speaker - Photo Courtesy of Speaker

Joi Chevalier


The Cook’s Nook

2018 Featured Speaker, Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern

TV Host, Chef, Author, Entrepreneur

Food Works

Tenzing Chogyal Sherpa - Photo courtesy of speaker

Tenzing Chogyal Sherpa

Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Associate

International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development

Janis Searles Jones - Photo courtesy of speaker

Janis Searles Jones


Ocean Conservancy

Bernhard Kowatsch - Photo courtesy of speaker

Bernhard Kowatsch

Founder & Head of Innovation Accelerator

World Food Programme

Rachel Arthur - Photo courtesy of speaker

Rachel Arthur

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Current Global

Guy Laliberté - Photo courtesy of speaker

Guy Laliberté


Lune Rouge

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