Experiential Storytelling

March 8-10, 2019 | Convergence Track

The Experiential Storytelling Track investigates how experimental strategies are redefining the ways in which audiences experience their world.

Experiential Storytelling Sessions

Emily Quinn during 2018 SXSW Session The ‘I’ Stands for Intersex, Not Invisible - Photo by Kumi Otani

Emily Quinn during 2018 SXSW Session The ‘I’ Stands for Intersex, Not Invisible - Photo by Kumi Otani

About the Experiential Storytelling Conference Track


Technology has opened up exciting new avenues for storytelling and immersive entertainment. This track investigates how a new generation of creatives is using these ideas to redefine how audiences experience their world, while keeping sight of the continued relevance and flexibility of more traditional methods and principles.

Take a look at 2019 sessions such as How Books Are Fighting Back in the Digital Age, Human Presence & Humor Make Us Better Storytellers, Mummies to Manet: Immersive Experiments in Museums, and more.

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Experiential Storytelling Sessions

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