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Some SXSW Online Screenings have limited capacity and require RSVP. RSVP to SXSW Online Screenings are only available to Platinum, Film, Music, Interactive Badgeholders and SXSW Online Pass holders. Single tickets are not available for Online Screenings.

To RSVP for events, you must sign in and have a badge linked to your account on the SXSW Schedule.

RSVP for SXSW Online Film Screenings opens on Tuesday, March 1 at 11am CT on the SXSW Schedule and SXSW GO mobile app.

How to RSVP

  • Find the film’s SXSW Schedule page on the list of Films that require RSVP.
  • Click the black "RSVP" button on the top righthand side of the page.
  • A window will pop up that says “RSVP for this time slot.”
  • Please note, if no RSVPs are available you’re welcome to “Join the Waitlist” so you’re in the line if registrants return RSVPs. You will receive an email with an RSVP Confirmation if you are moved off the waitlist.
  • If RSVPs are available, click the green time slot button to claim one.
  • Once you click the green button, it will say that "You’ve RSVP-ed."
  • The black "RSVP" button will turn to a pink "RSVP-ed" button signifying you have secured your seat to the Online Screening and you will receive an email from with the subject line "RSVP Confirmation."
  • RSVPs can be returned prior to the film’s start time. If you are not going to watch a film’s online screening, please return your RSVP so someone else can watch. To release your RVSP, click the pink "RSVP-ed" button and a window will pop up with a red "Cancel your reservation" button.

Please note that films will only appear in the SXSW TV apps at their scheduled start time. You can also watch via the film’s SXSW Schedule page on at the online screening time.

When & Where to Watch


When SXSW Online Screenings Become Available

Feature Films and Episodic Premieres

If a feature film or episodic premieres has an Online Screening it will become available for 48 hours at 9am CT the day after the film’s in-person premiere.

The film can be viewed at any point during the 48 hour screening window via the SXSW TV (connected TV and mobile app) or the SXSW Schedule. Films are not viewable in the SXSW GO app.

Short Films, Music Videos, Episodic Pilots, and Title Sequences

All short films, music videos, episodic pilots, and title sequences have Online Screenings that do not require RSVP.

They will become available at 9am CT the day after the film’s in-person premiere. You can watch the film at any point after its Online Screening begins through the end of the festival via SXSW TV (connected TV and mobile app) or the SXSW Schedule. Films are not viewable in the SXSW GO app.

Download SXSW iOS Apps and SXSW Android Apps.

Where SXSW Online Screenings Are Available

Online Screenings are subject to geoblocking at rights holder, filmmaker, or distributor discretion. While SXSW is a global event, certain films will be restricted to access in the United States due to rights and distributor requirements.

Check out the complete list of Films Available Online and their geoblocking status here. If you are not in the viewing location for a film, please do not claim an RSVP for that film.

Audience Awards


How to Vote for the SXSW Audience Awards

All Screenings are eligible for the SXSW Film & TV Festival Audience Awards.

You can vote by using the “SXSW Audience Award” feature on the Film & TV event or film & TV screening page in the SXSW GO app. Please note, you must be logged in with your SXSW ID Account linked in order to vote.

Be sure to cast your vote after viewing each screening! Deadline for voting is Monday, March 20 at 9am.

Audience Awards preview

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