Digital Strategies for Hip Hop, Streaming Music Strategy, and Songwriting for Film: Sync, Stream & License Track Sessions for SXSW 2018

Streaming has become a dominant force in the music industry in recent years, from digital strategies for Hip Hop to how to write music for film and TV syncs, the Sync, Stream & License Track explores how artists and labels tap into these revenue streams. Get a crash course on the digital music landscape with the Sync, Stream & License Track at SXSW in March - check out session recommendations below.

SXSW Programmer Bobby Nall says, "Sync, Stream & License addresses and covers major sources of revenue that artists count on today - on-demand digital streaming and internet radio, and licensing for TV, film, video, ads, and more. We want to share the newest strategies, data, and insider expertise on how to maximize these important streams. Also expect to hear plenty on the myriad digital and licensing issues currently facing the courts and governments in the US and abroad in 2018."

Explore highlighted topics in the Sync, Stream & License Track like streaming music strategy, writing music for TV and film, economics of distribution, and more. Sync, Stream & License sessions will be held March 13-17 with primary access to Music and Platinum Badges; secondary access to all other badges.

Sync, Stream & License Highlights

How To Build An Effective Streaming Music Strategy

Speakers: Rachel Whitney (Pandora), Brad Belanger (Homestead / Red Light Management), and Charles Alexander (Streaming Promotions)

Streaming platforms have become instrumental in launching the careers of artists & bands. But getting a placement on a playlist is just the beginning of building a sound streaming strategy. We discuss how to get on a playlist and how to leverage the placement into a successful career. Artists & their teams need to have a plan in place to take advantage of these opportunities. These include brand partnerships, social media strategies, tours and publicity/marketing.

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The Blueprint: Digital Strategies for Hip Hop

Speakers: Harrison Corwin (Mass Appeal), Rose Lilah (, Cole Bennett (Lyrical Lemonade), and Shane Gill (BroadbandTV)

Hip-hop possesses the unique ability to adapt rapidly to the ever-changing face of the music industry, but one rule remains the same: content is king. From viral music videos to the next big show, brands & artists are focusing on digital content. In this panel, hear about successful digital video strategies from the Director of Digital Video of one the most iconic hip-hop outlets, the visual mastermind for the new wave of hip-hop artists & the Head of the largest Hip-Hop Network on Youtube.

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How Songwriters Can Write Music for TV and Film

Speakers: Teri Nelson Carpenter (Reel Muzik Werks LLC), Rory Friers (AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR), Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music), and Peter Bradbury (Sky)

Most songwriters harbour a desire to write for film and television- from Nick Cave, to Clint Mansell from Trent Reznor to Jonny Greenwood -and when they get it right it can be a career defining shift--from writing songs that connect with people in their own right, to composing music specifically to support a visual narrative that already exists. This panel will explore how to make this shift, both from the perspective of composers and songwriters, and also commissioners from film and television.

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Cultivating Digital Independence

Speakers: Rosie Lopez (Tommy Boy), Jim Mahoney (Merlin), Jason Reed (Domino Recording Co Ltd), and Pieter Van Rijn (FUGA)

Whether you’re an indie or a major rightsholder, there’s nothing minor about your digital approach. The influx of tools has begun to level the playing field for increasing independence and exercising control. From the economics of distribution to the technical requirements of delivery, DSP relationships, publishing, analytics, and royalty reporting, this panel will look at the decisions a rightsholder needs to make when constructing their independent digital setup.

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By Hayden Bagot