600+ Sessions Announced for the 2019 SXSW Conference

Over the years, many of the most compelling SXSW sessions have come directly from our community via the SXSW PanelPicker®. Community votes, plus input from the SXSW Staff and Advisory Board, help shape the final March program. With these PanelPicker-powers combined, behold the following 600+ sessions announced for the 2019 SXSW Conference lineup.

Featuring speakers from organizations such as Amazon, CAA, Google, NASA, PBS, Gucci, ProPublica, Slack, BBC, MIT, Dell Medical School, Rotten Tomatoes, and more, the breadth of these sessions reflects the value of creativity, innovation, and inspiration across the interactive, film, and music industries with thought leaders working towards a more connected future.

"For 2019, we received so many strong speaking proposals in the SXSW PanelPicker. The Programming Staff has spent the last two months meticulously studying these ideas. The 600+ sessions in today’s announcement represent the best of the best of the best of these speaking proposals," said Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer. "Many of these sessions align with the 10 trends that we think will dominate discussions in March 2019. The bottom line for all this programming is creative thinking and creative doing — which is the foundation of all aspects of SXSW.”

New for 2019, we have introduced the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and Cannabusiness Tracks for in-depth discussions surrounding these ever-evolving industries. Between new and veteran tracks, be sure to familiarize yourself with our 25 Tracks of programming presented in a variety of session formats including Keynotes, Featured Speakers, panels, workshops, podcasts, book signings, and more.

Before diving into the hundreds and hundreds of conference sessions on the full online SXSW Schedule, explore a few sessions per Track highlighted below divided between Convergence, Interactive, Film, and Music.

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2019 Session Highlights By Track

Convergence Tracks

Convergence Tracks grant primary access for all SXSW Badges.


March 14-16 | Navigate the technological, cultural, and political ecosystem surrounding the future of cannabis-focused enterprise

Cannabusiness Sessions »

Cities, Government, & Politics

March 8-11 | Focus on innovative city development, privacy issues, and how politics plays a role in shaping policy on all levels of government

Cities, Government, & Politics Sessions »

Experiential Storytelling

March 8-10 | Investigate how new technology has opened up exciting avenues for storytelling

Experiential Storytelling Sessions »


March 11-13 | Explore ways in which technology can be leveraged to transform the industry

Food Sessions »

Media & Journalism

March 8-14 | Explore how journalism, analysis, and content distribution are being impacted by technology and culture

Media & Journalism Sessions »

Social & Global Impact

March 8-13 | Dive deep into innovations and initiatives that are contributing to a better and more equitable world

Social & Global Impact Sessions »


March 8-10 | Tackle the future of sports in all its forms, from a cultural and technological perspective

Sports Sessions »


March 11-13 | Discover new technologies and the ways they enhance how we experience the world

VR/AR/MR Sessions »

Interactive Tracks

Interactive Tracks grant primary access for Platinum and Interactive Badges; secondary access to Film and Music Badges.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

March 14-16 | The ideas, investors, leaders, policies, and tokens that will be impacting global economics and business

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Sessions »

Brands & Marketing

March 9-14 | Learn from creative strategists in the industry on creating campaigns by way of data, neuroscience, storytelling, and tech trends

Brands & Marketing Sessions »

Coding & Development

March 9-12 | Insight, instruction, and inspiration for engineers, developers, coders, and programmers

Coding & Development Sessions »


March 8-13 | How design shapes the way we interact with technology and our world

Design Sessions »

Entrepreneurship & Startups

March 8-12 | Founders and funders of all stages discuss current best practices, as well as the most exciting new industry developments

Entrepreneurship & Startups Sessions »

Future Workplace

March 8-12 | Tackle topics about the ever-changing workplace in and out of the office environment

Future Workplace Sessions »

Health & MedTech

March 8-12 | Improving health through technology in the communities where we live, work, and play

Health & MedTech Sessions »

Intelligent Future

March 8-14 | Embody the realm of possibilities where intelligence empowers and enables technology

Intelligent Future Sessions »

Style & Retail

March 8-11 | A platform for creatives in the fashion and tech industries to converge and innovate

Style & Retail Sessions »

Tech Industry & Enterprise

March 8-13 | Join executives and leaders from a variety of industries to discuss the evolving landscape of technology-driven services

Tech Industry & Enterprise Sessions »

Film Tracks

Film Tracks grant primary access for Platinum and Film Badges; secondary access to Interactive and Music Badges.

Entertainment Influencers

March 9-12 | Exposure to high-profile speakers from the entertainment, film, and television industries

Entertainment Influencers Sessions »

Film & TV Industry

March 9-12 | Learn about the inner workings of the film and TV industries with a focus on business

Film & TV Industry Sessions »

Making Film & Episodics

March 9-12 | Learn everything you need to know about film from writing to post-production, and beyond

Making Film & Episodics Sessions »

Music Tracks

Music Tracks grant primary access for Platinum and Music Badges; secondary access to Interactive and Film Badges.

Making & Marketing Music

March 12-16 | New distribution models, promotional platforms, and release strategies are changing the game for indie and major artists

Making & Marketing Music Sessions »

Music Industry & Culture

March 12-16 | Navigate the multifaceted and global music industry with help from experts and leaders

Music Industry & Culture Sessions »

Touring & Live Experience

March 12-16 | Discover the newest innovations and sage advice on touring and festival industry

Touring & Live Experience Sessions »

Dive into 2019 Music Tracks

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2018 Social & Global Impact Session, Reimagining Gun Violence Prevention – Photo by Travis Lilley

By Jordan Roberts