Introducing the Trade Show Hub and Simulcast Lounge for 2020

Every March, tens of thousands of SXSW attendees make way to the Trade Show – SXSW’s world renowned hands-on, experiential showcase. The Trade Show features the latest innovations and ideas from around the globe, living as a huge educational playground in the heart of SXSW. With 23 unique pavilions and several areas to explore, the Trade Show offers a place of interest for everyone in attendance.

New for SXSW 2020, the Trade Show will offer its attendees two new areas to relax, network, and watch live, full sessions of our most popular programming. Get to know The Hub and the Simulcast Lounge.

Simulcast Lounge

Skip the lines and save some time! With the Trade Show Simulcast Lounge, there's no need to run across town to make it in time for your favorite session. The Simulcast Lounge gives attendees the opportunity to watch the most anticipated, packed sessions in real time. Check out your pavilion of interest in the Trade Show, then make way to the Simulcast Lounge to learn more about that track-aligned pavilion through our diverse and carefully curated panels.

The Hub

Resting in Exhibit Hall 1, the SXSW Trade Show Hub is a multitasker's paradise, offering Trade Show attendees a lively space to grab a seat and catch up on emails while viewing a live stream of in-demand sessions. The Hub is also home base for high-profile book signings and connecting with fellow attendees. Whether you’re an avid reader or need a quick recharge, The Hub is the place to be.

Check out The Hub and Simulcast Lounge with your own eyes March 15-18, whether it's by exhibiting or attending.

See you in March!

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SXSW Trade Show - Photo by Merrick Ales

By Allison Belcher