XR in Entertainment and History

Whether it's an Instagram filter, museum, or a hospital – the uses of XR are vast and becoming a part of our daily lives.

Also referred to as Extended Reality, XR covers virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Step into the world of XR and discover the unique and interesting ways this technology is being used during sessions in the XR Track (March 16-19) and Experiential Storytelling Track (March 13-15).

It's All Fun and Games

Adventure reigns, heroes and villains collide, and unknown treasures lie just beyond reach. The twist? You’re not on a theme park ride or kicking back at the movie theater, you’re in a virtual reality experience that blends the real and the virtual to make entertainment magic!

In Dream to Dreamscape: Immersive VR, The New Reality meet the founders of Dreamscape Immersive Walter Parkes and Bruce Vaughn as they take you behind the curtain to share how they built an immersive entertainment company by creating VR adventures that combine the thrill of theme park rides with the emotion of cinematic storytelling.

Creating Next Generation Entertainment explore the potential of VR and XR in telling bold new entertainment stories, particularly focusing on how VR (currently in the hands of gamers), will become mass media entertainment to rival film, tv, and theatre. Bradley Crooks (BBC Studios), Ian Hambleton (Maze Thoery), Anil Mistry (Endemol Shine), and Mária Rakušanová (HTC VIVE Europe) will look at new VR/XR technologies that have the potential to propel the medium forward, also exploring how big IP's and properties can benefit from this.

Recreating History

What if we told you that you could witness Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic "I Have a Dream" speech and the march on Washington D.C.? Recreating History: Dr. King and the March takes a deep dive into TIME’s immersive project The March. John Canning (Digital Domain), Alton Glass (GRX Immersive Labs), Kaylon Hun (JuVee Productions), and Mia Tramz ( TIME + Life VR) focus on the many factors that came together to pull this kind of project off successfully.

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By Neha Aziz