Is Hemp the Key to a Regenerative Agricultural Breakthrough?

High Grade Hemp Seed Talks Regenerative Agricultural Breakthrough

Is Hemp the Key to a Regenerative Agricultural Breakthrough?

Today, sustainability in hemp farming is deeply connected to climate issues. If farmers are struggling with droughts or floods, there’s no way they can have profitable long-term operations.

Steven Gluckstern, CEO of Santa Fe Farms, sat down with Brando Crespi, co-founder and Executive Vice Chair at Pro Natura, to talk about Crespi’s career as a cultural anthropologist, an environmentalist, and Giorgio Armani’s partner in developing an eco-jean line based on hemp fiber.

“The people I've met in the hemp business have been anxious to try to figure out how to develop a business that is sustainable. We’re asking, ‘How do we increase long-term income for people while improving their overall well being?’ That’s my definition of sustainability.” - Brando Crespi

To learn more about sustainability efforts within the hemp market and fascinating stories of Crespi’s environmental work in South America, check out the discussion on the High Grade Hemp Seed website.

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A founding company within hemp's resurgence, High Grade Hemp Seed produces best-in-class hemp genetics and powers economic and environmental sustainability as the newest partner in Santa Fe Farms’ rapidly growing hemp ecosystem.

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By Olivia Cruz


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