Taiwan Beats Showcases Unique Landscapes that Match the Diverse Talent of Taiwan

Taiwan Beats Representing at SXSW

Taiwan has been internationally renowned for its agile and effective pandemic response throughout 2020. As such, artists were able to perform for Taiwan Beats SXSW Online 2021 showcase in unconventional venues, standing as a full display of both the diversity of Taiwanese music and a guidance through the daily scenery of the Asian wonderland.

The showcase started with singer/songwriter Enno Cheng’s ethereal voice echoing through mountains on the east coastline of Taiwan with crystal clear keyboard. Follow next with guitar-heavy punk-rock Fire EX. as they roar in solidarity with every anonymous factory worker that supports the island’s manufacturing industries.

Later then, The Chairs’ sparkling, breezy psychedelia walked you through indoor shrimp fishing, a popular pastime in Taiwan. Last came NekoJam. The girl-power electro quartet making catchy pop music, full of upbeat hooks. In the temple of a local deity, their melody marries with traditional religious aesthetics.

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By Olivia Cruz




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