SXSW Film Alumni Releases – June 2020

Discover some of the SXSW Film Festival alumni films on release this June such as the story of Vivian Liberto, Johnny Cash's first wife and the mother of his four daughters, in Matt Riddlehoover's My Darling Vivian; Channing Godfrey Peoples' Miss Juneteenth; Bao Nguyen's Bruce Lee documentary Be Water; Judd Apatow's The King of Staten Island (which would have been the 2020 SXSW Opening Night Film); and more.

Be Water

Documentary Feature, 2020

45 years after the untimely death of martial arts legend and film star Bruce Lee, his story remains more of a myth than of a man whose life was full of complexity and struggle. Combining rare film footage and audio recordings with his own writings and interviews with his closest loved ones, Be Water is a layered and intimate portrait of an underdog who was able to transcend racism, colonialism, and xenophobia to become one of the most influential cultural figures of our time.

Broadcast and streaming on ESPN and ESPN+ June 7.

The Surrogate

World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2020

Jess is thrilled to be the surrogate for her best friend and his husband, but when a prenatal test comes back, it creates a moral dilemma that threatens their friendship.

Virtual Release June 12.


World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2020

Aviva is a unique exploration of gender within the self, told through the lens of a modern romantic relationship.

Virtual Release June 12.

The King of Staten Island

World Premiere, Narrative Feature 2020

Filmmaker Judd Apatow directs Saturday Night Live breakout Pete Davidson in a bracing comedy about a burnout stuck living with his mom (Oscar® winner Marisa Tomei) on Staten Island.

Premium VOD June 12.

Miss Juneteenth

Narrative Feature, 2020

A former beauty queen turned hard working single mom prepares her rebellious teenage daughter for the Miss Juneteenth pageant, hoping to keep her from repeating the same mistakes in life that she made.

Virtual Release June 19.

My Darling Vivian

Documentary Feature, 2020

2020 SXSW Film, My Darling Vivian

In 1951, schoolgirl Vivian Liberto meets Air Force cadet Johnny Cash in San Antonio. A three-year-long correspondence ensues while Johnny is stationed in Germany. Thousands of letters later, they marry upon his return in 1954, and within a year, both a career and family blossom. By 1961, Johnny Cash is a household name and perpetually on tour, while Vivian settles into their home in California with their four young daughters. Plagued by all-hours visits from fans and a growing resentment toward Johnny's absence, Vivian hits a breaking point when she's targeted by hate groups over her perceived race. Hear the entire story of love, isolation, fear, heartbreak, and survival.

Virtual Release June 19.

Night Owl

Independent Episodic, 2018

Night Owl is a comedy series about the weird night time events in a 24 hour grocery store, the staff who work the graveyard shift, and a regular shopper who can’t sleep. For this reason, Night Owl is dedicated to the unsung heroes of our current time: Grocery store workers everywhere! The first season is now available, worldwide, pay what you can. 100% of the profits generated will go directly to the following non-profit organizations doing much needed work in our communities:,, and

Streaming on Vimeo VHX June 22.


Narrative Feature, 2020

Yummy is an orgy of blood, violence and fun in which a young couple travels to a shabby Eastern European hospital for cheap plastic surgery, but they get stuck in the middle of a zombie outbreak.

Streaming on Shudder June 25.

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By Jordan Roberts




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