Volcán – SXSW 2024 – Photo by Marlene Mejia

2024 SXSW Music Mixtape: Cumbia

Immerse yourself in the rhythms of cumbia at the 2024 SXSW Music Festival! As artists gear up for their performances this March in Austin, let's explore one of the many genres adding its colorful presence to the annual festival.

Originating in Colombia, cumbia has transcended borders, and this infectious genre has gracefully adapted to various cultural landscapes, embracing a multitude of styles while maintaining its signature heavy percussion and double beat. Its versatility knows no bounds, with variations like cumbia rebajadas and cumbia wepa, the genre remains a dynamic force in the music scene.

Feel the beat with lyricist/MC La Gallo 3:20, blending sounds from a vibrant cumbia hub known as Colombia Chiquita in Monterrey; delve into the vibrant melodies of 60s/70s Peru and Colombia with the Austin-based ensemble Money Chicha; immerse yourself in the modern reinterpretations of classic cumbia norteña with Estevie; and much more.

Keep reading for the list of cumbia artists and press play on our El Ritmo: SXSW Cumbia Artists playlist on Spotify. Mark your calendar for your must-see artists on the SXSW Schedule and get ready for an unforgettable experience at the most interactive festival of the year!


Bombasta, the South Texas "barrio-big-band," fuses horn-driven cumbia rhythms with politically-charged, cerebral flows, creating an infectious, borderless, Spanglish dance-party for the 21st century. Their spirited live shows redefine protest music with inspired compositions and resistance-themed vocals, while their independent sound blends cumbia, funk, hip hop, and world rhythms.

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Cabeza de Chivo

Cabeza de Chivo, a psychedelic tropical band hailing from Chicago, mesmerizes audiences with infectious rhythms, a driving percussion section, and seamless blends of guitar, bass, and organs, crafting addictive dance instrumentals highlighted by melodic riffs.

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Combo Cósmico

Combo Cósmico, a cumbia quintet from San Antonio, Texas, infuses traditional cumbia rhythms with cosmic psychedelic influences, offering an out-of-this-world twist on one of Latin America's most beloved musical forms.

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The Cumbia Movement

The Cumbia Movement, an Austin-based band, harmoniously blends diverse musical backgrounds into soulful renditions of classic and contemporary cumbia hits, aiming to connect with audiences universally through vibrant performances that celebrate the joyous spirit of the genre.

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El Combo Oscuro

El Combo Oscuro, a psychedelic cumbia ensemble from Austin, Texas, mesmerizes audiences with vintage organ trills, gnarled guitar stylings, and a pulsating rhythm section, earning nominations for Best Latin Act and critical acclaim for their releases, including their sophomore album Cumbia Capital, while gracing renowned events like SXSW and Austin Psych Fest since their formation in 2020.

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Estevie, the first-generation Mexican American artist, pioneers the resurgence of old Latin sounds in contemporary pop, infusing traditional styles with modern flair at just 20 years old. From winning accolades on La Academia Kids to amassing a massive following on YouTube, her breakout single "Canela" and subsequent collaborations, including a top 10 debut on the Billboard 200, mark her as a rising star in the Latin music scene.

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La Gallo 3:20

La Gallo 3:20, a lyricist and MC from Guadalupe, Nuevo León, elevates urban Mexican rap by intertwining street wisdom with tales of her hometown and cumbia "rebajadas" over dark hip hop samples, having performed in renowned venues like Salon Los Angeles and Lunario National Auditorium, while her EP La Panicumbia resonates globally, gracing dance floors and airwaves from Tokyo to Medellin.

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Los Bravos De La H

Los Bravos De La H, originating from Houston, TX, emerged in 2016, initially performing at house parties and truck shows, but gained recognition with the release of their first song "Tiempo Lento" in 2019 in collaboration with Esteban Gabriel, and now with Insolente Music, they aspire to keep producing relatable original music.

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Los Gran Reyes

Led by Agustin Granados Jr. (AG), Los Gran Reyes from Dallas, TX, unleash a seismic force of Cumbia magic with their powerhouse ensemble of eight musicians, fusing accordion/keytar, drums, güira, trumpets, guitars, conga drums, and electric bass to create an irresistible blend of Cumbia styles, drawing inspiration from Cumbia Lagunera, Colombian Cumbia, Argentine Cumbia, and electronic music, promising to shake souls and move bodies with their captivating musical mosaic.

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Money Chicha

Money Chicha, an Austin-based ensemble featuring members of Grammy-winning Latin orchestras Grupo Fantasma and Brownout, revitalizes the vibrant sounds of 60s and 70s Peru and Colombia through their fuzzed-out, reverb-drenched, percussion-heavy style known as "Chicha" music, captivating audiences with infectious Latin beats, psychedelic surf guitar pyrotechnics, and melodies influenced by the Andes mountains, showcased in their albums Echo en Mexico and Chicha Summit.

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Nemegata, emerging from Austin, Texas, defies musical norms by carving a unique space for authentic expression rooted in Colombian heritage and the migrant experience, infusing their potent rhythm into their album VOCES, a transcendent homage to ancestral voices and Latinx resilience, earning acclaim and nominations while crafting a cultural force celebrating identity through sound.

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Based in Mexico City since 2017 and created by a Venezuelan migrant, Nochenegra was born as a monthly vinyl-only party to celebrate de rhythms of Latin America and the Caribbean. For seven years, it has been growing as one of the biggest and most important parties in the country, co-creating and collaborating with most of the vinyl DJs that live and travel to Mexico City.

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Ritmo Cascabel

Ritmo Cascabel, the bloody ripper cumbiadelica band from Denver, delivers a wicked fusion of cumbia, western, and rock and roll, born out of a legendary night of cumbia dancing in early 2020, setting stages ablaze on a West Coast tour with appearances in Mexico and Canada, culminating in the recording of their debut LP at La Bestia in Ciudad de México, promising a Fall 2023 release packed with infectious Latin rhythms and psych-infused grooves.

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Volcán, hailing from San Antonio, Tejas, embodies Latinx unity through their joyful, shapeshifting sound, blending psych-rock-infused cumbia, salsa, calypso, and more into a funky, catchy, and danceable mezcla that rises like a sonic dynamo from la selva, inviting listeners to transcendence with its mystical atomic heat.

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Teaser Photo: Estevie – SXSW 2024 – Photo by Monica Zulema Arzate

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