Adventures in Crowdfunding - The Bounceback

Written by Jim Kolmar | Tuesday, Oct 8, 2013

Did you see The Bounceback at SXSW 2013? If you did, you know it's a ballsy, heartfelt, and hilarious comedy. If you didn''s time to put that right! Filmmaker Bryan Poyser has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring The Bounceback to a theater near you. Oh, and Air Sex. A lot of Air Sex.

Check out the campaign video above, and head to the Kickstarter page for the trailer, reviews, and everything you need to pledge money to The Bounceback's screening Road Shows. Like Bryan says in the video, "It's hard enough to make a movie, but getting people to see it is the hardest part of all". You can help make that part a little easier - participate now!