Meet The Speakers: Devi Dev, Allen Bargfrede and Angel Mendoza

Written by Rory Burbeck | Thursday, Nov 19, 2015

Get to know 2016 SXSW Music speakers Devi Dev (iHeartMedia), Allen Bargfrede (Rethink Music) and Angel Mendoza (The AV Squad) before you see them in March.

2016 SXSW Music Speaker Devi Dev. Photo courtesy of the speaker.

Devi Dev (iHeartMedia)

SXSW 2016 Session
Business Rules for Women: Entertainment & Media

Devi Dev accomplished quite a bit even before her turn as Music Director and radio personality on iHeartMedia’s 93.7 The Beat in Houston. Her experience in radio extends to programming duties on Sirius XM’s Shade 45, Houston’s 97.9 The Box and 93.5 KDAY in Los Angeles, but she has also worked as a host for MTV’s late night talk show Hip Hop POV, done voice work for Pepsi and Bud Light and interviewed the likes of Kanye West, Quincy Jones, Nicki Minaj and more.

Session recommended for women maneuvering in the entertainment and media business with interests in blogging, hosting radio and TV programming, DJing and managing artists

2016 SXSW Music Speaker Allen Bargfrede. Photo courtesy of the speaker.

Allen Bargfrede (Rethink Music)

SXSW 2016 Session
Fair Music: Transparency in the Music Industry

Allen Bargfrede, founder and executive director of Rethink Music and associate professor of music business/management at Berklee, is a trusted expert on content distribution, copyright law and business environments for the music and technology industries. As someone who’s studied compensation in the music industry for the past 5+ years, Bargfrede is more than qualified to discuss industry transparency at a high level.

Session recommended for musicians and industry stakeholders

2016 SXSW Music Speaker Angel Mendoza. Photo courtesy of the speaker.

Angel Mendoza (The AV Squad)

SXSW 2016 Session
Covers & Remixes & Customs - All You Need to Know

Angel Mendoza has spent twelve years working for some of the most well-respected trailer houses in Los Angeles, using his music supervision talent on marketing campaigns for films like No Country For Old Men, Inglourious Basterds, The Fighter and more. He will be at SXSW Music to discuss the pros and cons of covers, remixes, custom tracks and enhancements to existing tracks for these types of campaigns.

Session recommended for musicians seeking to place their music in TV, film and advertising

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