2016 Music Speaker Alex Maxwell Takes Us Inside Her SXSW Schedule

Written by Amy Fennie | Monday, Feb 8, 2016

2016 SXSW Music Speaker Alex Maxwell and her dog Izzy. Photo courtesy of the speaker.

We want you to get to know our speakers prior to SXSW Music, so we’re asking a few of them what their plan is for SXSW 2016. Alexandra Maxwell is the Talent Buyer for Troubadour in West Hollywood and she’s next up on our list!

Alex will speak on David and Goliath: Thriving as Independent Promoters, and we’re secretly hoping she brings her adorable dog, Izzy, along with her.

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Which Sessions Are You Most Looking Forward To At SXSW Music?

Getting the Most Bang for Your Touring Buck
The State of Alternative Radio: Where Do We Go from Here?
Music Curation Through Artist Festivals
Your Brain on Virtual Reality
Small Live Music Venues - Who Needs Them Anymore?

Which Artists Are You Most Looking Forward To At SXSW Music?

Coast Modern
Lewis Del Mar

What Non-SXSW Things Around Austin Are You Excited About?

All based on consumption…
Salt Lick
Deep Eddy’s Sweet Tea Vodka
All the breakfast tacos
Flagship Whole Foods
La Condesa

What’s Your SXSW Planning Process Like?

I make a short list of the artists and people I want to see before SXSW, but once I’m there I wing it entirely.

Tell Us About Your Daily Routine During The Event, If You Have One. Any Tips?

Room service: chicken tenders and ranch.

Photo courtesy of the speaker
Front page photo by Stephen Stocker