SXSW Alum Gareth Edwards' Godzilla hits theaters!

Written by Jim Kolmar | Friday, May 16, 2014

We love to see our alumni go on to big things, and lets face it - they don't get much bigger than Godzilla!

Photo of Gareth Edwards by Dustin Finkelstein/Getty ImagesDirector Gareth Edwards (pictured right at SXSW 2014) made an extraordinary feature debut at SXSW 2010 with the World Premiere of Monsters, a scrappy, edgy science fiction allegory that raised more than a couple of eyebrows from some very influential people. Flash forward to 2014, and Edwards' sophomore feature, a re-imagined Godzilla, is about to hit theaters worldwide.

It was exciting to welcome Gareth back to SXSW with the original, Japanese Godzilla, and a very special surprise - 10 minutes of explosive footage from his brand new, star-studded version.

We're proud to be associated with visionary, ascendant filmmakers like Gareth, and can't wait to watch the gargantuan Godzilla on a giant screen as the film opens wide (very wide) from today. Watch the trailer above, and do not - DO NOT - miss this movie!

Photo of Gareth Edwards at SXSW 2014 courtesy Dustin Finkelstein/Getty Images