SXSW Film Success Stories - Leigh Janiak's Honeymoon

Written by Jim Kolmar | Friday, Aug 15, 2014
Photo courtesy of Leigh Janiak

The SXSW 2015 call for entries is officially open, and the films are already rolling in. This post marks the beginning of a regular series highlighting the success of alumni from last year's event - they all arrived via the submissions process, and have since gone on to do great things.

We're thrilled to offer this new platform as a way to catch up with them since their frenetic time at SXSW 2014. Be part of the next wave of SXSW success stories! Submit your film to us now via this page.

We begin the series by checking in with Leigh Janiak, whose gloriously perverse Honeymoon shook audiences in our Midnighters section.

Photo courtesy of Leigh Janiak Can you describe any specific connections or opportunities that came your way because of SXSW?

The festival opened up countless opportunities for me and my film. I was able to meet fellow filmmakers, financiers and producers as well as start to connect with the audience in a way that's completely new for me and beyond fun and exciting. I ended up meeting and signing with my agents after they saw the film at the festival. We also ended up selling Honeymoon for distribution as a direct result of our SXSW screening!

Did you meet future collaborators at SXSW you have gone on to do exciting new work with? How did you come to meet them?

I met a bunch of great people, but a few production companies and financiers that I hope to work with soon. These were people who attending our screenings at the festival and subsequently reached out.

Did SXSW have an impact on subsequent ways for you to connect with your audience (i.e. other festival invitations, distribution, broadcast)?

Honeymoon was very fortunate to have a great experience and audience reaction at SXSW. As a result, we not only obtained distribution, but also were invited to a lot of other festivals, including Edinburgh, Fantasia, Fantasy FilmFest, Strasbourg, etc.

Any significant new developments with your film since the festival?

The biggest development, that I already alluded to – we sold the film to Magnolia / Magnet, right after our screening at SXSW! The film will be released on September 12 in theatres and on demand and I'm so excited!

What about with your title design sequence or poster – any developments?

We have a new horror-y poster that Magnet had created and we still have one more that's going to be released too, which strikes a nice balance between our festival poster and that first theatrical poster.

Do you have any tips for filmmakers/designers thinking about submitting their film to SXSW 2015?

No real tips, just encouragement! SXSW is an amazing festival and the opportunities that came to me and Honeymoon as a result are just innumerable. Premiering with you guys was a huge opportunity and I'm very grateful!

Best of luck to Leigh and her film Honeymoon hitting theaters this September 12! Remember, submit your film to us now via this page and you could be part of the next wave of SXSW success stories.

Photo courtesy of Leigh Janiak