Submit the Best Showcase Application Possible

Written by Stacey Wilhelm | Thursday, Sep 5, 2013

CayucasEveryone knows that applying for big opportunities can be stressful and often times getting it done quickly to meet deadlines and stop from over thinking is a tempting approach. With the September 6 savings deadline for SXSW Music Festival applicants right around the corner, one might be in a rush and easily fall into this routine. DON'T DO IT! Here's some reasons why.

While creating your Sonicbids EPK™ you may think some of the pages are not necessary to fill out. You may believe that your music speaks for itself and as long as there are some songs up there, you're a shoe in. The truth is, we know you're talented, we expect you to be if you're applying to showcase in front of the industry's leaders at one of the biggest music events in the world. That is precisely why we want to know more than just what your latest LP or EP sounds like. We are looking for other information that, combined with your superior talent and commitment to music making, sets you apart from the others.

Having a good bio is just the tip of the iceberg. Including information about past and upcoming shows helps us to see how often you play, in what kind of venues you're performing and if you've go on to rock other cities, states or countries. Posting important press mentions help us to see that you are getting the recognition you deserve from your local blogs, regional media outlets or perhaps even national publications. If other people have seen you and love you, that's a great sign! In fact, don't skip over uploading that video either. Give us a glimpse of what we can expect to see should you be selected to perform. It's easy to say you dominate the stage, it's another thing to show us. And lastly, we love stalking your social media. Seeing how many people like you on Facebook, listen to your station on or view your videos on YouTube and Vevo is a great indicator of your fandom. So include all the links to those pages as well as the link to your own website.

When you don't include this information, you may be inadvertently making it appear that it doesn't exist. So we might be thinking, "DAYUM, this is awesome, but they've never ever played anywhere and have zero fans." But really, you have all of that and deserve to show it off. And while we are happy to do our due diligence and Google you, let's admit it, with some of these band names...well the search results can be overwhelming and not helpful. So make it easier on us to figure out just exactly who you are and why you deserve to be here. Apply by Friday, September 6 and pay only $33 dollars in fees. Don't want to be rushed now that you know just how important a thorough application can be? You have until the final deadline of October 11 to submit your application at the $45 fee.

2013 Showcasing Band Cayucas. Photo by Steve Rogers.