Video Spotlight: The SXSW Interview with Clive Davis

Written by Linda Park | Friday, Nov 22, 2013

"No one's life is up up up. Part of life is your degree of resilience. Part of life is not to play a victim but that you rise up. Not that I want to be on a soapbox, but the idea is I'm blessed. I don't concentrate on what you have to overcome."

These words of wisdom, along with advice on building your team and tales from the old school, make this clip from the Clive Davis SXSW Interview a don't miss from the Music archives.

One of the legends of the industry, Davis is the current Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment. He's won five Grammys, and worked with the biggest names in music from signing Springsteen, Janis Joplin, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Patti Smith, The Grateful Dead, and Santana, through Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson, just to name a few.

The opportunity to see icons like Clive Davis is just part of what makes attending SXSW special.

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