Four on the Floor: Misspelled Band Names

Written by Ariel Miller | Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014

For this week’s Four on the Floor, we’re highlighting some artists that might leave you thinking we’re bad at proofing our articles here at SXSW. They may not get high marks for spelling, but as far as we’re concerned, these four bands will school you with their awesome sound.


Haerts has the unique power of filling you with nostalgic sadness and at the same time uplifting your spirit, especially with their popular first single, “Wings.” The Brooklyn pop group, led by Nini Fabi’s sweet, soaring vocals, has taken off recently, touring with bands like Shout Out Louds, Atlas Genius and Washed Out, and catching the eye of Columbia Records.
RIYL: St. Lucia, Washed Out

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Barcelona natives that came together in 2011, Univers approaches '60s surf rock in a way that still manages to seamlessly and unexpectedly integrate pop and shoegaze sounds. Though their style may be uncommon in Spain (where top 40 hits and heavy punk rock prevail), the group has gained momentum, especially after the release of their latest EP, La Pedregada.
RIYL: The Smiths, Phil Spector

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Avant-garde performance art meets experimental, progressive rock. If you’re looking for a group that pushes the boundaries, look no further than Berlin-based, Hyenaz. The duo, made up of Mad Kate and TUSK, incorporate haunting, all-consuming vocals, other-worldly synths, and costumes straight out of a Dalí painting that often involve little to no actual clothing.
RIYL: Tusk, Bonaparte

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Repping the ATX in this week’s Four on the Floor, Boyfrndz is another multidimensional group experimenting between math-pop, '90s shoegaze and noise-rock. The band rose from the ashes of We The Granada in 2010 and has since been compared to Jane's Addiction and seen performing at shows in Austin and across the country.
RIYL: Jane’s Addiction, Tera Melos, Baths

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