Music Speaker Profile: Alex White

Written by Rory Burbeck | Friday, Feb 28, 2014

SXSW 2014 Music Speaker: Alex White

Very briefly, what do you do and what is your session about?

I run a music analytics company called Next Big Sound and we focus on making data useful for the music industry. I'm actually on two panels: one moderated by Hany Nada from GGV ventures about how artists will make money on big music platforms. My second panel is about Fan Data and it is moderated by Kristina from Ticketfly. I've got great panelists on both so really looking forward to it!

How/why did you get started in the music industry?

My dad is a professional cellist so I've been around music my whole life. I played in bands and worked at a recording studio in high school before switching to the business side of the industry booking $300k worth of concerts at Northwestern and working at Universal Records.

How many years have you attended/spoke at SXSW in the past? If this is your first time at SXSW, what are you expecting?

Spent 10 days at SXSW in 2010 and been every year since.

Best thing that’s happened in music in the last year?

Main-streaming of streaming music. Pun not intended.

Favorite new app/service/tech development in music?

Not that new but think Songza is a really important business with a unique twist on how they've approached the space.

What’s the biggest issue facing the music business today? Can it be overcome?

Artist development and continued financing for artists career growth. Unsurprisingly I believe it can be overcome and actually a profitable arena through the intelligent use of data.

What’s the last live show you saw that floored you?

I got to go to the Grammys this year for the first time and it was an incredible experience.

Favorite moment/weirdest thing you saw from a past SXSW?

Best moments are the spontaneous ones. Loved seeing Ev Williams dance in the rain at a Foursquare party in 2010. Also got to see The XX in a Church in Austin at 1am which was mind blowing.

What artist(s) are you most looking forward to seeing perform at SXSW 2014?

So hard to choose but off the top of my head - The Colourists.

Tacos or BBQ?

Breakfast tacos.

See Alex White at the Will Artists Make Money on Big Music Platforms? and Fan Data: The Journey from Analysis to Action sessions at the SXSW Music Conference.

Photo courtesy of the speaker