SXSWfm Album Review: Manifest Decimation by Power Trip

Written by Phillip Odom | Monday, Sep 9, 2013

SXSW Alumni Power Trip

If you are from Texas and love heavy music, you know the name Power Trip and you know they have been dominating the scene for years with their insane live shows. It is refreshing to see all of the band’s hard work come together with their debut full-length, Manifest Decimation, out on Southern Lord Records.

You could say Power Trip plays cross-over, a mix of thrash metal and hardcore punk, but all the musical elements they incorporate are done to such an extreme that simply labeling them “cross-over” is down-playing their talent. Lead guitarist Blake Ibanez could be shredding like Slayer and Testament on songs like “Heretics Fork,” then bust into a hardcore riff in “Crossbreaker,” all the while making you want to stage dive and circle pit during the whole record. I’ve heard punks, hardcore kids, and metalheads all rave about this record. If you like any form of aggressive music, we can all find solidarity in this record.

One interesting thing about the record is the amount of reverb on the drums and vocals. It seems to swallow you, and it can be a little jarring at first if your ears aren’t used to it. But eventually, you end up loving it and it just serves the record so well. My personal favorite part of the record is just how fast and in your face it is. With so many heavy bands that seem to be slowing down and getting sludgier, it just refreshing to have Power Trip show up and prove you can put out one of the heaviest records of the year and it be FAST!

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Photo by Maggie Boyd