SXSW Interactive 2013 Advisory Board Recommended Programming: Brooke McMillan, Kathleen Maher and Glenn Thomas

Written by Sarah Garcia | Thursday, Feb 21, 2013
<span class="caption"> <img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/Brooke%2C%20Kathleen%2C%20Glenn.png" width="480" height="210" alt="Brooke, Kathleen, Glenn photo courtesy the speakers" title="Brooke, Kathleen, Glenn photo courtesy the speakers" class="image-large" />(L-R) Brooke McMillan courtesy LIVESTRONG Foundation, Kathleen Maher by Jane Arason and Glenn Thomas courtesy Glenn Thomas</span> The <a href = "">SXSW Interactive Festival Advisory Board</a> consists of industry experts, as well as veteran members of the community that come together in Austin each spring. Advisory Board members are very involved in helping select the best of the best proposals, which SXSW receives each year through the <a href = "">SXSW PanelPicker</a>. We asked Advisory Board members Brooke McMillan of <a href="">LIVESTRONG Foundation</a>, Kathleen Maher of <a href="">Jon Peddie Research</a> and Glenn Thomas of <a href="">Producing Future</a> the following question... <h2>"What are you most excited about for SXSW Interactive 2013?"</h2> <h3>Keynotes</h3> <strong>Brooke McMillan</strong>: I'm most interested in listening to <a href="">Matthew Inman</a> because I would like to live vicariously for a moment. Everyone that has ever managed a social media campaign for a company/nonprofit wishes they had the freedom to say what they really mean in replies. <strong>Kathleen Maher </strong>: <a href="">Tina Roth Eisenberg</a>. Design is just so incredibly hip these days and it really does force us all to think more carefully about what we create even as we make our way through the way and I want to know how anyone has the time to create and produce so much stuff. That said, I've seen Elon Musk speak and I'm looing forward to seeing him again as well. It's inspiring stuff. <strong>Glenn Thomas</strong>: <a href="">Elon Musk</a>. It's space travel in our lifetime. It's hard to compete with that. <h3>Featured Sessions</h3> <strong>Brooke</strong>: <a href="">Spreadable Media: Value, Meaning & Network Culture</a>. Always looking for new ideas on how to make content be more "shareable". <strong>Kathleen</strong>: <a href="">Ping Fu</a> is at the forefront of digital reality, the intersection between the real world and the digital world that includes augmented reality, 3D point clouds, 3D printig, etc. etc. etc. but she's also got a remarkable story to tell about her life. <h3>Workshops, Book Readings, Meet Ups</h3> <strong>Glenn</strong>: I'll drop past the <a href="">Man Meet Machine: The Internet of Things Meet Up</a> as it has interesting connections for the Open Source Hardware Meet Up I'm hosting the day before. There should be an ability to carry on conversations over the course of both meet ups. <h3>Panels</h3> <strong>Glenn Thomas</strong>: <a href="">Hack You: The Human Body Is the Next Interface</a>. I'm sure we'll all be excited for the new wave of viruses, trojan horses, and malware for the human body. Not to mention all of the really new ways for potential spam delivery that it will open. I remember seeing the Kevin Werbach presentation at SXSW years ago and having my jaw drop so am curious to see where the state of the art is these days. <h3>By Date: Friday, March 8 sessions</h3> <strong>Brooke</strong>: <a href="">Disaster: The Future of Crisis Communications</a> – Streamlining the process of crisis communications is crucial. Hope to learn more about how to be quicker and more effective. <strong>Kathleen</strong>: I"m interested in <a href="">Architecture of the Air: Jazz + Architecture</a>. I mean really, aren't you? <strong>Glenn</strong>: I think <a href="">The New Nature vs. Nurture: Big Data & Identity</a> with Jen Lowe and Molly Steenson looks like a really fascinating take on Big Data and how it will impact human lives. <h3>By Date: Saturday, March 9 sessions</h3> <strong>Brooke</strong>: <a href="">Make Me Care: Digital Storytelling to Affect Change</a> – Most of what I do is centered around story telling. Always looking for more ways to tell a story. <strong>Kathleen</strong>: <a href="">The $100bn Mobile Bullet Train Called Africa</a> If there's a subject I need to learn more about, it is certainly Africa. Huge big changes coming that really will change our world – advances in the way mobile phones are used, communities, agriculture, I could go on, but I won't. <strong>Glenn</strong>: I'd be remiss if I didn't see Tim Berners-Lee present on <a href="">Open Web Platform: Hopes & Fears</a>, but I'm really curious about Olivier Bau's presentation on <a href="">How Electrical Signals Can Give You Superpowers</a>. <h3>By Date: Sunday, March 10 sessions</h3> <strong>Brooke</strong>: <a href="">How to Make the Internet Care</a> – Looking forward to this as we are always trying to find ways to stay relevant in a sea of information. <strong>Kathleen</strong>: <a href="">Is Women's Media Too Girly?</a> What a discussion this will be. I'm also kind of interested in the Creating Apps in HTML 5 but then again... <strong>Glenn</strong>: There are too many great sessions on Sunday, but I've always been fascinated by maps and I love Stamen's beautiful work with maps and data so I think <a href="">Why Digital Maps Can Reboot Cultural History</a> is a can't miss session for me. Of course, I'm hosting an <a href="">Open Source Hardware Meet Up</a> at 3:30 at the Empire so everybody interested should come to that. <h3>By Date: Monday, March 11 sessions</h3> <strong>Brooke</strong>: <a href="">TacoJournalism: Revenge of the Taco Blogger</a> – I love Mando...and tacos. <strong>Kathleen</strong>: <a href="">Saying ‘Howdy’ to New Markets Using Digital</a> I'm all about new markets. What amazes me is the next big thing is always something like the last big thing, only with a modern twist we didn't see coming. <h3>By Date: Tuesday, March 12 sessions</h3> <strong>Brooke</strong>: <a href="">It's Patient First, Not Mobile First!</a> – One of the strategic goals of LIVESTRONG is patient centered care. This is THE thing that developers and health care specialists need to remember. <strong>Glenn</strong>: I'm really curious about physical/digital and how it's going to power the next transformational stage so I'll be going to <a href="">Enchanted Objects</a>, but I won't miss <a href="">Bruce Sterling</a> either as he closes out the conference with his against the grain, exploding the hype views. <h3>What trend / meme / idea / product will emerge from SXSW 2013?</h3> <strong>Glenn</strong>: I think space exploration is going to be the all out sexy trend at SXSW this year. Between NASA and Elon Musk there's not going to be a lot of oxygen in the city for much else to thrive. <h3>People I am most excited to connect with</h3> <strong>Brooke</strong>: Always love to see my digital friends and colleagues in person. <strong>Glenn</strong>: What I love about SXSW is that if you put yourself into sessions about which you know nothing, then you come away with inspiration, excitement, new ideas, and new contacts. <em>Thanks to Brooke, Kathleen, Glenn for contributing to this post. Stay tuned to the <a href="">blog</a>, <a href="!/sxsw">follow us</a>, <a href="">friend us</a>, or <a href="">add us</a> for more Advisory Board recommendations in the coming days...</em>