What is Kefir?

Written by Chris Patin | Friday, Mar 8, 2013
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/ChristinaDeRosa.jpg?itok=UR4LY-rl" width="480" height="360" alt="" class="image-large" />Image courtesy Lifeway Foods</span> If you walk away from reading this with one thing, <a href="http://www.lifeway.net/">Lifeway Foods</a> would like it to be this: kefir is not yogurt. So what is kefir? Well, like yogurt, kefir is a low-fat cultured dairy food rich in calcium and protein. Unlike yogurt, kefir is made with 12 different live & active cultures, and it’s cultured for 14 hours, giving it a higher probiotic count than yogurt and an effervescent, tangy flavor. (Seven to 10 billion units in a serving – dang!) Now that you’re a kefir expert, be sure to look for Lifeway Kefir and Frozen Kefir outside the Marriott Downtown during SXSW Interactive and Film, March 8th-12th. Now you're thinking, what’s frozen kefir? Thanks for asking! It’s a tart n’ tangy frozen dessert with all the probiotic benefits of drinkable kefir. Like Lifeway Kefir, Lifeway Frozen Kefir is gluten free and 99% lactose-free, so if you ask us, it’s pretty impressive. Anyway, make sure to grab a sample at the festival and look for the frozen kefir truck. Good food, good nutrition, and good deeds? Man, kefir is the total package. See you there!